Our divisions

Rufada has worked on serving the increasing demands of these markets by our Divisions

Rufada Energy

Rufada Energy Division is a business unit that focuses on providing power solutions which includes but not limited to Rental Service for generators and electrical power supply with different capacities. The Division has range of products and services as follows:

  • Rental of Wide Range of Generators from 50 KVA to 1400 KVA.
  • Fuel tanks
  • Load banks
  • MV switchgear and RMU
  • Transformers
  • Generators Maintenance
  • LV/MV cables
  • Low voltage synchronizing and distribution panels

Rufada Medical

Rufada Medical Division is a business unit that provides the best affordable medical supplies, Ambulances and Emergency responders to
our clients from the healthcare sector and other sectors.

  • Type I Ambulance – Basic
  • Type II Ambulance – Advanced
  • Type III – Specialized
  • First Responder (4 X 4) Ambulances

Medical Consumables:

  • Self Care
  • Electronic
  • Surgical
  • Diagnostic
  • Acute Care
  • Emergency and Trauma
  • Long Term Care
  • Storage and Transport

Rufada Cosmetics

Rufada Cosmetics Division is a business unit that provides high quality and specialized skin, beauty and dermatology cosmetics and wide range of food supplements to our clients from companies and individuals. The division is specialized in the following categories:


Rufada Trading

Rufada Trading Division is a business unit specialized in trade in services includes but not limited to sourcing, logistics and supply of goods and services, etc. This division caters to companies from different business lines. The division provides the following products and services:

  • Supply Food items
  • Supply Electrical and Electronics items
  • Supply Medical Items
  • International Sourcing
  • Sourcing Technical Services (Testing, Technical consulting and Laboratories)

Rufada Food

Rufada Food Division is a business unit aims to build a group of Restaurants and Cafes from fast food to fine dining. Currently, the division is opening a Pizza Restaurant in Dhahran. The division is specialized in the following Categories:

  • Fast Service Restaurants
  • Road Coffee Stations
  • Casual Dining Restaurants