About Us

Rufada is dedicated to provide in support services and products in Saudi Arabia. The company is located in Dammam, in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia.
Rufada is an ambitious company aiming to provide the best quality of service and products to the industrial as well as the commercial market.
Our goal is to be pioneers in providing best aordable, practical and unique services and products. We always aim to gain our clients’ trust and meet their needs.
Rufada Energy is one of our business units that focus on the energy solutions, where we provide top of the notch generators that are essentials for electricity solutions.Rufada Recruitment is a business unit that is specialized in providing the best Medical talents and manpower for our clients from the Medical Sector.
Rufada Medical is a business unit that aims to provide the best aordable medical supplies to our clients from the healthcare sector and other sectors.
We believe that with a short time we would establish a name to be trusted in giving the best quality services and products in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia.

Company overview

Rufada has worked on servingthe increasing demands of these markets by establishing the following Divisions:

- Rufada Energy: a provider for mobile and supportive power solutions.
- Rufada Medical: a provider for medical consumables and Ambulances.
- Rufada Cosmetics: a supplier and distributor for varied types of cosmetics and food supplements.
- Rufada Trading: a general trading and contracting division.
- Rufada Foods: a group of restaurants and cafés.


Our Values

Quality: We will maintain high standards and achieve them by continually measuring and comparing the outcomes.
Innovation: We encourage innovation and always in search for better and more efficient ways to reach our goals.
Team Work: We work together to elevate our potentials to provide the best.
Service: We believe that everything we do revolves around our clients. We aim to exceed our clients’ expectations through our prompt
response and devotion.
Ethics and Integrity::We are highly dedicated to our obligation in meeting the highest standards of business integrity. Our people’s responsibility is to meet those standards.


Our Mission

We are committed to build an escalating business that improves the lives of our customers and stakeholders by understanding their needs.
We will provide our clients with practical yet exceptional products and services that continue creating value.
To create a friendly environment where talented individuals will work in an ethical and safe business thus innovation will be a way of life.To conform to high quality standards in each industry we serve.


Our Vision

Thrive to be a renowned trading and services Enterprise in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and MENA region. We will earn our customers’ trust, loyalty and enthusiasm through our commitment to our values and believes.

Some of our major services & Divisions

We providing so many services to our clients please check below for more detail



Rufada has worked on serving the increasing demands of these markets by our Divisions

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Product & Services

Rufada is the largest distributor of power and medical products in Saudi Arabia markets your one complete source for brand and generic health care supplies.

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Customer Services

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